lawrence linn consulting


Do you know how big your marketing budget should be? How it compares to leading companies in your field? Which marketing functions should you do in-house? Which should you outsource? Who do you outsource them to?

Our experience can help you get a head start on your marketing planning. Our strategic marketing planning services draw on the experience of our founder, Lawrence Linn.

With over 15 years of experience leading marketing organizations large and small, Mr. Linn offers insights on planning, budgeting, strategy and execution.

Our strategic marketing services include:

  1. Strategic planning.

  2. Budgeting and staffing support.

  3. Creative planning.

  4. Event selection & public relations planning.

Sometimes the toughest part of creating a web presence is getting started. Deciding what you want on your web site, and how build it can seem like a huge task when you're starting with a blank sheet of paper. A task you don't have the time for.

Our specialty is "green field" web design -- designing sites for organizations that have never had a web presence, and may not be sure where to start. We'll learn about your business by reading you're current literature, reviewing your presentations, and talking with your employees. We'll then propose options for the design and the content appropriate for your site.

You get a head start. You get to tell us where we went right, and where we went wrong...instead of starting with a blank slate. Through an iterative design / production process we build your site -- bring the vision and essential uniqueness of your business to life.

Our web site development services include:

  1. Site prototyping & design

  2. Technology selection

  3. Site implementation

  4. Promotion & search optimization (SEO)

  5. Site analytics

  6. Social networking extensions.

  7. Search advertising strategy & execution.

You have more available data about your business than ever before, and less time to analyze it. Want to know what data exists, and how you can benefit from it?

We can help you identify, collect, and most importantly analyze business information. Our consultants have years of experience with legacy data, and newer internet data sources.

Our business analysis services include:

  1. Internal and external data audits.

  2. Data analysis.

  3. Data visualization.

  4. Decision support systems design.